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MishkaComics - a publisher of comic book authors from England, Russia, Finland, Belarus, Poland and Canada.

Extraordinary stories, new characters, original style...


The Little Big Borscht Book

Gosha Mager



Long ago, when the Roman Empire was already over, in the villages of moss and wood lath between the Baltic Sea and the Carpathians lived our pre-Slavic ancestors. One of them, Gromobob, unexpectedly became the leader of the tribe. And to ensure that the tribe does not suffer from downpours and crop failures, he has to cook a very special borscht.


Life and Death of BATUMAN

Mari Ahokoivu



Meet incredibly sad Batuman - not the hero you need, but the hero you deserve. What does it mean to be a dark knight in a modern cruel world where villains are not real villains and friends are not such friends, and you have childhood traumas, existential crisis and simple loneliness? Go for adventures with Batuman, he has no more support excepting you.


Irving, the Evil Wizard

Jenya K.



Irving is a totally evil wizard, and do not be deceived by his ruddy cheeks and beady eyes. The Fairy Kingdom is mired in corruption and debauchery. King Gwaltus sees the only way out of such deplorable situation — to invoke from hell the leaders of the Third Reich. And only Irving can manage the task! What could go wrong? Everything!



Masha Bogatova



Remember your voice on the record. So you hear others. But this voice is always different from the one that sounds in your head. And what if there is a person who can look into your soul and see the real you? An extraordinary story about how one random meeting changed the whole world for the heroes. And how will this book change you?


Bubblegum Monster

North Carolina



Catto moves to another city and makes friends among the tough guys, celebrating Halloween with them. That mystic night Catto learns something terrible about his new comrades and gets into real trouble. In the second story Catto suddenly gets some superpowers, and accidentally becomes the culprit of very big and toothy problem. It’s time to chew gum!


Gennady the Pigeon




Meet Gennady. Gennady is not a regular brainless bird, he is the pigeon with a temper. His norms of morality raise the bar high above the heads of his brethren, whose life is centered around a cooing and pecking bread crumbs. The book contains short stories about the life of Gennady the Pigeon: his views of life, principles, and problems of a modern bird.


Private Eye Pug




There is a lack of adventures and cunning riddles in your life? Or maybe you need some pugs? Then this graphic novel is absolutely for you! Enjoy an amusing and intriguing story of Pug the detective — a lover of bars and justice! See how bravely he rushes to protect peace and order with his little paws.


Russia is Dead

Dmitry Lemon5ky Dubrovin



Russia. Moscow. New Year’s Eve. Almost all inhabitants of the capital became zombies and devour the brains of survivors. Our heroine Masha, the Russian beauty with a magnificent bush of hair, has a strong desire to kill all the walking dead. To achieve a goal, she must break through the hordes of zombies without losing her life and mind.


Jeff Job Hunter and the Jungle

Jack Teagle



In the first story the guy named Jeff was waiting for a vacancy the whole 13 weeks and suddenly got an offer of a dubious work, which dipped him into an awesome adventure! The second part of this book tells about a poor guy lost in the jungle. He completely forgot what it means to be a normal person, and only the talking cat supports him in a cheerful manner.


The Guide to Hell

Jack Teagle



Liam and Mike are typical teenagers: rude, insolent, and loving video games. They recklessly sell the soul of their beloved granny to the Devil, and mother forbids them to play the game console until they return their grandmother back. Will our heroes descend into the hell and meet the Devil itself, so that everything will fall into place again?



Jack Teagle



Lou (short for Lucifer) is a professional wrestler with a successful career as the evil Diablo. But he is frustrated with his job – diabolic image pursues him everywhere, although he is a very nice fellow in a real life. Eventually, Lou loses patience and decides to quit wrestling. Will he gain the respect he deserves?


Turtle Fighters

Jack Teagle



Who lives in the sewers and keeps the entire criminal world at bay? It’s ... the real Turtles Fighters! Huge humanoid reptiles with a scythe, an ax and even an electric drill, they punish all the enemies for the sake of pizza and excessive violence!



Egor Vetlugin & Nicola Pisarev



Trying to escape an everyday routine, the main hero is transferred to a fascinating and simultaneously frightening place. Overwhelming everyday life, surrealism, self-search, existentialism, despair and attempts to avoid it — every reader will find something for himself in this beautiful and grim graphic novel.



Oleg Tischenkov



One day, an artist Tishchenkov discovered that he has a lot to talk about with his cat. The discussions amused not only those two — the artistic union of the human and the tailedsmartass quickly gained fans and readers. Their discussions became collections, on the pages of which the heroes ponder about life, eternity, time, love, the great cosmos and hedgehogs.


Clippety Clop

Misha Bogdanov & Eugenya Golubeva



The book is about travel. This genre is so variable and repeatable that it is not just an archetype – an anecdote. «Clip-clop» can be interpreted variously: travel, wandering, life, road, way – an end stop becomes a starting point. Along with searching for high meaning, the book can be a perfect hot pad, a beer coaster, or a support for the broken leg of the couch.


The Adventures of Poop

Anna Lumbricus Suchkova



The main character of the book tries to understand where she came from and what a world is around her. After going through many obstacles, she finally finds her home and her destiny. It is a prank book with a philosophical overtones and an unexpected ending.


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